Four stages of winter. A collection narrated by the colours of a season in transition.

What once was concealed becomes visible with the rising of the sun. Finding comfort in deep and mysterious tones.

- Haze

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  1. cardigan Wilmer
    cardigan Wilmer
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  2. cardigan Paxon
    cardigan Paxon
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  3. dress Max
    dress Max
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  4. blouse Lowai
    blouse Lowai
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  5. blouse Loth
    blouse Loth
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  6. regenjas Lio
    regenjas Lio
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  7. regenjas Lias
    regenjas Lias
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  8. coat Liano
    coat Liano
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  9. trousers Lecco
    trousers Lecco
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  10. dress Lari
    dress Lari
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  11. blouse Bowen
    blouse Bowen
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  12. skirt Benso
    skirt Benso
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