Terms and conditions

Article 1 General

First of all, we'd like to thank you for your visit and your interest in our brand! Welcome to our website!

1.1 The www.juliajune.com-website is managed by Flanders Fashion Design International bvba, company no. BE 0683 744 486, with its registered office at Ter Mote 2, 9850 Nevele, Belgium, hereinafter referred to as 'the Julia June Online Shop' or as 'the Vendor.' You can always contact us at shop@juliajune.com, or call us on +32 93 89 64 69 during office hours.

1.2 These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: "the Conditions") apply to all purchase and sales agreements entered by visitors to our website (hereinafter: "the Customer" or "the Purchaser"). If you visit our website or place an order with us, this means you agree to these Conditions.

1.3 These Conditions will always prevail over all other terms and conditions applied by the Customer. We do not accept any additional or other conditions applied by the Customer, except in the event that we have explicitly accepted such conditions beforehand in writing.

Please note that these Conditions may be amended over time. It is therefore important that you always read them carefully because they may contain new rights and obligations.

1.4 You can find information on how Julia June handles your personal data in our Privacy Statement. Acceptance of these Conditions also means that you agree to our Privacy Statement.


Article 2 Orders

2.1 The Julia June online Shop exclusively sells products to private individuals. This means that if the Purchaser is somebody who buys items for non-personal use (e.g. for resale or in order to conduct trade), he cannot place any orders and the Vendor cannot sell any products to him.

2.2 Agreements are validly formed after a valid payment has been effected through the web shop's payment platform, or by sending an e-mail confirming an order. If a Customer places an order, this means that he explicitly agrees to abide by these Conditions, including all statements and components such as the Privacy Statement and the return policy.

The Purchaser will receive an order confirmation by e-mail immediately after placing his order. If the Purchaser does not receive any such e-mail, he can request it at shop@juliajune.com

2.3 The Vendor has done all in its power to ensure that all the product information, colours, details and descriptions of the items are as accurate as possible. However, please note that images and colour quality may vary depending on the screen on which they are viewed. The Vendor cannot guarantee that a screen is able to reproduce all features of the actual product correctly. Each product is accompanied by a product description (colour, size, type of product, etc.) and digital photographs.

2.4 The prices stated apply to each individual item and include 21% VAT. Prices do not include postage charges. Please see Article 4 for further details.

The prices stated are valid on the date on which they were posted on the website and on the date on which an order is placed. These prices may be subject to change during the course of the season. If items are priced down or any discount applies to the items after an order is placed, the Purchaser cannot claim any repayment of the relevant price difference or terminate the relevant sales transaction.

The Vendor is not responsible for any form of customs duty or other taxes that may apply after the items are dispatched.

2.5 The stock specified on the website is indicative, and the mere statement of the stock available cannot give rise to any rights and obligations for the Vendor, which always does all in its power to ensure that the available stock is correctly specified on the website. In the unlikely event that the item ordered is no longer in stock, the Vendor will immediately notify the Purchaser of this, and the sales and purchase agreement will be terminated free of charge due to the relevant item being unavailable.

2.6 The Vendor cannot guarantee a total absence of any errors in the web shop. The information that appears on the website may contain typographic and other errors concerning products, prices and items in stock. The Vendor cannot be held liable for the consequences of any such errors. The Vendor is entitled to correct any errors or inaccuracies in the web shop without being obliged to provide any kind of prior communication in this connection. If prices, discount, product information, etc. are not reproduced correctly on the website, or if these have been incorrectly incorporated into the invoice, the Vendor likewise reserves the right to amend or cancel an order free of charge. It goes without saying that in such an event, the Vendor will immediately notify the Customer thereof. The Customer may then terminate his purchase free of charge if wished.

2.7 Each Party is entitled to cancel a purchase in the event that the other Party has fundamentally breached these Conditions. This means that a purchase may be cancelled if e.g. the Purchaser is not a consumer, or if his payment is or turns out to be unlawful.


Article 3 Payments

After the Purchaser has placed an order, he will be redirected to a secure payment page on the Vendor's website, and will be requested to effect payment for his purchase.

The Vendor accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro debit and credit cards, Bancontact and iDeal. The Purchaser will receive confirmation of his order on his screen and by e-mail as soon as payment has been effected.

Payment for an order means that the Purchaser consents to the safe storage of his financial data by Mollie BV Keizersgracht 313, 1016 EE Amsterdam, The Netherlands , telephone +31 20 820 2070 .

In the event of a refund, the Vendor will credit the relevant amount to the card or bank account used to effect payment. The Vendor is not responsible for any fluctuations in the exchange rate between the currency used to effect the first payment and the currency used on the Purchaser's credit card or bank account when the relevant amount is refunded.


Article 4 Supply and Dispatch

4.1 Items ordered will be supplied while stocks last, as soon as the Vendor's account has been credited with the relevant sum payable. If it is impossible to supply any item(s), the agreement will be terminated ipso jure and free of charge. In the event of partial deliveries, each delivery will be regarded as a separate sale.

4.2 Items ordered will be dispatched Mondays to Fridays inclusive, with the exception of statutory national holidays. The Vendor will do all in its power to dispatch orders to Purchasers within 3 to 5 days of receipt of the relevant payment. The Vendor cannot be held liable for unforeseeable delays.

4.3 Deliveries are effected on a subcontract basis by Bpost NV, Muntcentrum, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, telephone number +32 22762111.

4.4 The Vendor will be deemed to have fulfilled its duty to deliver as soon as it can provide proof that the relevant package has been transferred to Bpost.

4.5 Packages are delivered at the Customer's own risk, at the delivery address furnished by the Customer. The Purchaser can follow the delivery procedure on www.bpost.be/nl/trace In the event that Bpost mislays the package, or the package suffers any damage, the Purchaser must report this to Bpost (+32 22012345).

4.6 Postage and packaging will always be at the Purchaser's expense and will depend on the country of destination. P&P charges are given in Article 4 paragraph 7.

The valid rates are those stated in the Conditions on the date on which the order is placed. Please note: you should check the rates for each order because the Vendor may have unilaterally amended them. They are binding upon the Customer as soon as they have been incorporated into the Conditions.

4.7 Deliveries in Belgium are free of charge for orders above €150. Else €5 shipping costs. Deliveries to the Netherlands and Luxemburg will be charged at €7. Deliveries to France and Germany will be charged at €10. Deliveries to other countries in Europe will be charged at €15.


Article 5 The right to return an order or to revoke it

5.1 The Purchaser has the right to renounce the items purchased within 14 days of delivery of these items, without being obliged to pay a fine or state any reasons.

No requests for the returning of the items will be accepted and no returns will be refunded after this 14-day period. The Purchaser will be informed of this by e-mail. If a package has been wrongfully returned, the Purchaser may only regain possession of it on payment of the relevant postage and packaging costs.

5.2 Items are returned at the Purchaser's own risk. The Vendor can therefore not be held liable for refunds for items that have been lost, stolen or damaged. It is up to the Purchaser to prove that the relevant package was sent back to us. If the package is returned in a damaged condition, the Vendor must immediately send an e-mail to the Purchaser in order to ensure that it is not held liable for this.

5.3 Returned packages will be accepted provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • 1. The return form (enclosed with the package sent) must be correctly completed;
  • 2. Returns can only be sent to the following address:Julia June- Ter Mote 2, 9850 Nevele. Returns are at the expense of the customer;
  • 3. Items must be returned in the original packaging;
  • 4. All items returned must be unused, unworn, unwashed and in completely undamaged condition;
  • 5. The original labels must still be affixed to the items in perfect condition, including any relevant accessories;
  • 6. The original postage costs will not be included in the refund.

5.4 Refunds will be paid within 14 days of receipt of the items returned. Postage and packaging will exclusively be refunded in the event that a Purchaser has received a product other than the one he ordered.


Article 6 Complaints or Disputes

6.1 All complaints or disputes must be reported by e-mail to shop@juliajune.com immediately on delivery of the items and no later than 14 days after delivery.

6.2 In the event that a complaint is found to be valid, the Vendor's liability will be limited to exchanging the items, provided that they are in stock. If the items concerned in the valid complaint cannot be exchanged, they will be refunded including postage and packaging costs. All liability attaching to the Vendor is limited to the sum actually paid for the non-conforming order.

6.3 Please note that the conditions specified in Article 5 paragraph 3 must be fulfilled in order to ensure that a complaint may be deemed valid.


Article 7 Intellectual Property

7.1 All the content of the Julia June web shop (images, text, brand names, etc.) is protected by copyright and trademark rights.

All use, copying or disseminating of any of the content of this website is strictly prohibited unless explicit written consent thereto has been obtained from Julia June.


Article 8 Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

8.1This agreement between the Purchaser and Julia June is exclusively governed by Belgian law. The District Courts in Ghent (Belgium) have sole jurisdiction.

If a stipulation contained in these Conditions is invalid, all other stipulations therein will nevertheless remain in full force (valid and enforceable).


Article 9 Privacy Statement

9.1 Flanders Fashion Design International BVBA considers your privacy to be of the utmost importance. Although most of the information on this site is freely available without visitors being obliged to provide any personal data, it is nevertheless possible that users may be asked to give personal information. Such information will exclusively be used in connection with this web shop, e.g. for customer relationship management or for keeping you informed of our activities, etc.

9.2 Visitors may always lodge an objection - on request and free of charge - to the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. If a visitor wishes to lodge such an objection, he must contact Flanders Fashion Design International bvba, Ter Mote 2, 9850 Nevele, Belgium, telephone number 09 389 64 69, or send an e-mail to shop@juliajune.com

9.3 Your personal data will never be passed on to any third parties. However, if this happens, Flanders Fashion Design International bvba will state the name of such third parties here.

9.4 Under the Personal Data Processing Act (8 December 1992), all users are legally entitled to peruse their personal data and correct this data if necessary. You may obtain your personal data in writing by sending a written, dated and signed request to this effect to: Flanders Fashion Design International bvba, Ter Mote 2, 9850 Nevele, Belgium, telephone number 9 389 64 69, or by sending an e-mail to shop@juliajune.com, You must also provide proof of your identity together with your request (a copy of your ID card). If necessary, you may also ask to have any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data rectified.

9.5 Flanders Fashion Design International bvba may compile anonymous or aggregate data of a non-personal nature, such as browser types or IP addresses, the operating program you use, or the domain name of the website through which you arrive at our website or through which you leave it. This enables us to optimise our website continually for our visitors.


Article 10 Use of Cookies

10.1 If you visit our website, cookies may be placed on your computer's hard disk for the sole purpose of improving coordination of the site with regular visitors' requirements. These mini-files (known as "cookies") will not be used to monitor users' surfing behaviour with respect to other websites. Your Internet browser permits you to disable the use of cookies, to receive a warning if any cookies are installed on your hard disk, and subsequently to delete these cookies from your hard disk. Please consult your Internet browser's Help option for this purpose.